5 sites to help you score an adventure AND a job

An adventure job means you get to travel to exciting locations to work at thrill-seeking places for a salary.

These gigs mostly come around during holiday season. When a place gets tourists, it’s going to need manpower, and that’s where you can offer your services.

So, if you love travel and working at the local mall isn’t your cup of tea, USA Today College has come up with this nifty list of sites to get you your adventure job:

1. Coolworks

Its job search function lets you search for jobs according to position, location, season and employer types. Yup, that includes searching according to states and national parks. There’s even an option to search for work abroad.

2. Escape The City

“Life’s too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you.” That’s Escape’s motto – if you feel the same way, the company sends a weekly Top 10 Opportunities email which lists meaningful work offers around the world. Or check out its job listing for that surf lodge manager position in a Caribbean island or volunteer rugby coach in Kenya.

3. Modern-Day Nomads

If you’re looking for a job to give you a feel of what “locationless living” is all about, this site is for you. On offer are many work-to-travel opportunities in industries ranging from hospitality to photography as well as literary and artistic residences.

4. Backdoor Jobs

Opportunities on this site focus more towards fields like wilderness therapy, environmental education and sustainable living.

5. JobMonkey 

Jobs here are grouped in categories like “Cool Jobs”, “Odd & Unusual Jobs”, etc, but it’s the “Seasonal & Summer Jobs” section that will list all the offers available at places like dude ranches, summer camps and amusement parks.

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