5 reasons you’ll love studying in Bournemouth

As the spiritual home of Mary Shelley and seaside muse behind The Beatles legacy, there’s plenty you’re going to love about living and learning in Bournemouth…

So, you’ve finally settled on the decision to study overseas. Great – good choice! You’re cruising down the path of a global adventure, and it’s a decision you won’t regret. You’ve weighed up every option, now sit back and observe your future taking shape – but first you must decide exactly where you want to study…

With its diversity of culture, captivating heritage and abundance of leading education institutions, it’s hardly surprising that England is consistently ranked among the world’s best places for international study. While education giants like London, Manchester and Birmingham often take centre stage, students who seek a tailor-made, intimate and inherently-British education should look a little further afield. Choosing one of England’s lesser-known education ‘hotspots’ promises an experience that’s both unique and unforgettable.

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With its picture-perfect landscapes, quirky cafes and year-round seaside vibe, Bournemouth is a fun-filled choice for prospective students round the globe. Need some convincing? We’ve got you covered – here are 5 reasons why you’ll love studying in Bournemouth:

  1. It’s vibrant and multicultural…

Every year, Bournemouth welcomes around 6.88 million visitors, drawing eager travellers from every corner of the world. This large seaside town, nestled on England’s southern coast, has plenty to offer a diverse range of cultures – as well as a hefty student population to keep things lively and upbeat. From technicolour festivals to worldly music gigs, plus a rich spectrum of restaurants and restaurants rustling up a storm of international cuisines, Bournemouth stretches far beyond its quaintly-British roots to give students a taste of the world at large.

  1. Perfect your English language skillset in a friendly British town…

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English has long been the ‘Global Language’ of society, spoken by 1,500 million people worldwide. If you want to communicate, connect, and above all succeed in an often-complex modern world, you’re going to need more than a little fluency in the global lingua franca.

It’s well-known that the most effective way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself within it. And where better to do just that than this student-loving seaside town?!

Bournemouth has many options for the avid English language learner, with notable institutions like Bournemouth & Poole College. Here, students are taught by influential experts while gaining support from some of the nation’s top facilities. Its dedicated English Language courses are specifically-designed to get you up to speed, while the chance to learn among UK students will not only mean you experience that lovable UK culture, but also helps bring language to life in a real-world context.

  1. Get the best of rural & big-town British life…

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This big ol’ British town packs a mighty punch, encompassing seven miles of the most stunning sandy beaches on the UK’s southern coast.

“If one thing has shaped Bournemouth, it’s the beach,” writes the Lonely Planet travel guide. “This glorious, 7-mile strip of soft sand first drew holidaymakers in the Victorian days. Today the resort attracts both elderly coach parties and youthful stag parties – on Saturday nights fancy-dress is everywhere; angels in L-plates meet men in mankinis.

“But Bournemouth is more than just a full-on party town,” it adds. “It also boasts some hip hideaways, great restaurants, tempting watersports, and in Boscombe, 2 miles east of the centre, a suburb with a cool urban-surfer vibe.”

The historic Bournemouth Pier – complete with Pac-Man Air Hockey table – a well-used student favourite – has plenty to keep you occupied through both rain or shine, while the town’s eclectic mix of galleries and museums will appease your inner-artiste. On top of this, a full set of sport, shopping and entertainment venues will keep you on your toes – how are you ever going to fit it all in?

But stepping a little further out of town opens up the wonders of the natural world. From the New Forest National Park – complete with wild ponies and spellbinding sunset scenes – to the Jurassic Coast, and everything in between; Bournemouth is happy to serve as the backdrop for your lifelong memories.

  1. Explore the UK and Europe…

A major perk of living in Bournemouth is that it’s incredibly connected, so it’s never inconvenient when you pine for a slice of home. The town’s own mid-size airport lays on international flights – perfect for those cheeky summer getaways to Europe and beyond – and is located a mere 15-minute drive from Bournemouth’s town centre buzz. There’s also a wealth of regular public transport links, giving you the chance to explore the UK’s famous tourist treasures on those well-deserved days off.

You can reach the thriving city of London, for example, in less than two hours, while ferry links from Poole and nearby Southampton take you straight to mainland Europe, granting you access to everything you need to become a keen global adventurer.

  1. Find your path to future success through further education in Bournemouth…

It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a doctor, a writer, an architect, a scientist, an actor, or a politician; Bournemouth’s first-rate education providers have the goods to get you where you need to be.

is the prime example of this, offering vocational, further and higher education courses that cover a diverse range of subjects. On top of preparing you for triumph at university in the UK or anywhere else in the world, a Bournemouth & Poole education will help you thrive throughout adult life.

From here, you’ll always look back fondly on your UK study abroad adventure.

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