5 reasons to choose Seoul Foreign School Korea
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5 reasons to choose Seoul Foreign School Korea

Widely regarded as the leading international school in Seoul, South Korea, Seoul Foreign School (SFS) accepts students of all ages. Established in 1912, SFS offers an unrivalled 100-year legacy of academic excellence, international diversity, and commitment to educating future global leaders.

This is the number one choice for international schools in the country. Offering two different pathways, the school is both a K-12 IB World School and Foundation to Year 9 British School. It’s a friendly, close-knit multicultural community committed to excellence in education, with a welcoming and diverse student body and an incredible selection of extra-curricular activities.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Seoul Foreign School…

1. It’s the most diverse international school in Korea

SFS is international in every way. The school community welcomes a mix of students from global nations and its international curriculum supports a diverse student body and faculty.

As a Christian school, SFS welcomes everyone, offering a real feeling of home to each and every student. The diverse SFS student body enriches the school’s outlook and exposes your child to a range of languages and nationalities, putting them at ease as they face the future of our globalised world.

2. A broad curriculum, with two avenues to choose

Unlike most international schools, SFS offers two different options for your child: the International Baccalaureate and the English National Curriculum.

The Elementary, Middle and High Schools offer the full IB program, in which SFS has had a longstanding tradition. In 1980, SFS was one of the first 200 schools worldwide authorized to offer the IB programmes of instruction.

Alternatively, the British School at SFS has adopted the established English National Curriculum from Foundation to Key stage three.

SFS believes that international students should graduate equipped with a global perspective. For that reason, learners are given the option of the IB or English national Curriculum, tailored to suit individual needs and aspirations.

3. A brand-new high school set on the 24-acre campus on a woodland hill

Dedicated to serving the interests of its students, the school has state-of-the-art facilities for the arts, music, physical education, sports, drama, climbing and engineering. In fact, facilities here are the most extensive in Seoul – if there’s an interest or need at SFS, the school has built facilities for it.

Source: Seoul Foreign School

An oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul, the new high school follows the Korean tradition of bringing the landscape inside, supporting learning both within and outside the classroom.

Classrooms are designed to bring in just the right amount of natural light, with writable and projectable walls to make classes interactive and engaging.

The library is the perfect study and research environment with a vast online catalog of 15,000 resources including audiobooks, books, DVDs, eBooks and graphic novels.

“The New High School is a beautiful and efficient machine for contemporary learning, rooted in its context while shaped by international best practices,” says Peter Schubert, the school’s Design Partner.

4. An unbelievable selection of extra-curricular activities

SFS has a host of amazing extra-curricular activities, all held on the amazing new campus. Your child can explore a plethora of options, from ceramics and wood working, to coding and robot science, dance and martial arts, to bouldering and team sports.

“Seoul Foreign School embraces the arts. It recognizes that studying and creating music, theatre, and art is a vital part of educating a young person and teaches them skills that can be part of their life long journey,” explains John Striffler, Director of Performing Arts.

The school has three beautiful theatre facilities and numerous arts instruction spaces. Here, students can get involved in astonishing concerts, moving dramas and innovative art shows. Check out what’s on at the Box Office now!

5. The quality of teaching and learning is second-to-none

The school aims to nurture lifelong learners, providing a strong foundation of academic expertise, encouraging creativity, teaching teamwork and independent study, equipping students for life beyond SFS.

Source: Seoul Foreign School

There’s no other school in South Korea that has teachers so engaged in what they are delivering. Care and effort makes every class great – a fact that’s reflected in both the students’ and parents’ views of the school.

Teachers in all grades and subject areas are committed to the development of intellect, imagination, and sensibility in all students, seeking to educate every child to fulfil their potential, independent of grades alone.

The school aspires to embody the kind of world they want their students to inhabit.

“Inspiring Excellence, Building character”

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