5 reasons to study Psychology at the University of Lincoln
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How far can we go in explaining why humans do the things they do? It’s an age-old question, but also a fascinating subject for those interested in learning about human behaviour. The study of psychology is one of the most popular subjects among UK students, and it’s easy to see why; as a student of this discipline, you get to learn about the way humans think, as well as the way in which people arrive at certain decisions or behaviours.

At the University of Lincoln, students learn to dig deep and study cognitive neuropsychology, vision and attentional procession, infant cognition and language, mental health, and more. The School of Psychology gives students the chance to tailor their course according to personal needs and preferences, yet still cover the basics for professional accreditation as a Chartered Psychologist.

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And if you decide to switch careers later on, a degree in Psychology can greatly boost available opportunities due to the wealth of skills you develop. Psychology graduates are great critical thinkers, have good interpersonal communication skills, and fully understand human behaviour and dynamics, giving them the chance to venture into management or leadership roles in successful businesses or companies.

If you’ve always found the human mind to be captivating, this could be just what you’re looking for. So, here are 5 reasons for you to study Psychology at the University of Lincoln…

1. A unique location

Set in the heart of the scenic county of Lincolnshire, students have the chance to study and live in one of the world’s great historic cities that harbours a rich blend of heritage and modern living. Stepping along the cobbled stones, you’ll get the chance to explore a city filled with amazing architecture, from medieval castles to one of the finest cathedrals in Europe. You may want to use your weekends to visit various museums and attractions – most of it are free – or hop on a sightseeing open-top bus tour for an overview of the area.

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But that’s not all that makes Lincoln one of Britain’s top 20 cities; the metropolis also boasts a vibrant food scene with everything from fine dining and pubs, to restaurants and quaint tea rooms. The university’s city centre campus, located next to the picturesque Brayford Pool Marina, is just a few minutes from the busy high street, with a variety of shops, restaurants and accommodation set a short walk away.

2. Award-winning programmes

Last year, Lincoln became a recipient of the British Psychological Society’s reputed Award for Innovation in Psychology programmes, demonstrating an ethos of partnership between its staff and students. “This is a great honour for the School,” says Professor Timothy Hodgson, current Head of the School. “When I started working here five years ago I discovered a different approach to undergraduate education, exemplified by really positive working relationships between staff and students. There just isn’t a them-and-us atmosphere between students and staff here.

“We pride ourselves on listening to our students’ views and working in partnership on areas such as peer support, improving feedback, modules and teaching,” he adds. “So I am absolutely delighted on behalf of everyone in Lincoln that we have been given the award for innovation in psychology programmes.”

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Accredited by the British Psychological Society, the BSc (Hons) Psychology degree offers a broad and detailed foundation in the subject, exploring the science behind how we think, act and respond through a range of elective topics.

Here, students learn through a combination of theoretical, lecture-based teaching, small group seminar discussion and practical experimentation. For students with an interest in a particular area, the School also offers BSc (Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology or BSc (Hons) Psychology with Forensic Psychology also both fully accredited by the British Psychological Society. If you’d like to further explore the human mind, the School provides a combination of postgraduate taught and research degrees including Masters in Forensic Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Psychological Research Methods.

3. State-of-the-art facilities in one location

The University of Lincoln may be just a short walk from the lively city, but the institution itself has plenty of fantastic facilities that are fully-accessible to students. With more than £170m invested in its award-winning campus, you’ll find a library, student bars, student services, accommodation, the Student Health Centre and the University’s state-of-the-art academic buildings in one central spot. In fact, the institution has been ranked the third best institution in England in terms of easy access between accommodation and lecture halls.

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Some of the amenities provided by Lincoln include a Science and Innovation Park, the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, The Tower Bars, and a Sports and Recreation Centre that boasts a large selection of modern and specialist facilities. From June 2017 Psychology will be based in the Sarah Swift building, a brand new £19 million facility containing office and teaching space for psychology staff and students as well as purpose built research labs including a Sleep Lab, Baby Lab, Eye tracking Labs and a state of the art 3D body scanner.

4. Good employability prospects

At the University of Lincoln, Faculty come with you on your journey every step of the way, whether it’s providing academic support, career advice or assistance with applications. With its vast network of employers, the careers team at Lincoln is determined to help you find the job of your dreams through a comprehensive events programme that gives you the chance to hear the facts from leading experts. From bespoke sessions to the annual Careers Fair, you’ll get ample opportunities to introduce yourself and build a network of potential future employers. And with a great record of 95 percent of recent graduates finding work or further study within six months of graduation, you know you’re in good hands with Psychology at Lincoln.

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5. Voted No.1 for student satisfaction

Ranked top overall for student satisfaction in the 2015 National Student Survey, the University of Lincoln is the ideal place to pursue an education in Psychology. “When you start studying psychology at the University of Lincoln, you get assigned a personal tutor who is a member of staff,” says Julia Schønning Vigdal, an international student from Norway at Lincoln. “During your first year of study, you will have weekly meetings with your tutor [and] with a small group of people…I have found it to be a huge help to get to know [people] on the staff…”

It’s not often you find a school or a university that has such well-rounded qualities, from truly great degrees and excellent employability prospects to utterly top-notch facilities. At the University of Lincoln, students get all of this on top of a wonderful student experience.

Image courtesy of the University of Lincoln

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