5 key benefits of studying hospitality at Boston Business School

“Boston Business School is where our students begin their lifelong journey. Our students…drive towards attaining a new learning mindset that enhances their knowledge, skills and attitude…We aim to create a conducive learning environment through committed staff and up-to-date facilities.” – Jeffrey Yung Yew Chun, Executive Director, Boston Business School

Striving to become a global leader in adult and post-secondary education, Boston Business School (BBS) offers a high-calibre, highly specialised education. This institution is intent on providing the best opportunities in both the professional and hospitality worlds, advancing the hospitality management sector through relevant, rigorous programmes.

Set amid the buzzing backdrop of Singapore’s pumping Bugis district, learners benefit from study in one of the world’s most up and coming countries. It’s a city that’s lively, friendly, and that places students at the heart of hospitality – an industry that now accounts for more than one-tenth of global GDP.

“Albert Einstein once said: ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.’ At Boston Business School, we consistently encourage and guide our students in achieving social, academic and vocational skills applicable in their future endeavours,” says Jeffrey Yung Yew Chun, Executive Director of the School.

“Our graduates, armed with [this skill] and knowledge have successfully carved out numerous opportunities in their careers and we are confident many more will follow.”

As if you needed any more convincing, here are 5 key benefits of studying hospitality at Boston Business School…

  1. Industry informed and approved curriculum

This esteemed education provider targets those keen to succeed in the fast-paced realm of hospitality. With real-world connections to restaurants, boutique hotels, travel agencies and influential global hotel chains, students here gain invaluable experience from the industry’s brightest and best, leaving them in the best position as they enter the working world post-graduation.

The Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Management is the prime example of this, serving as a platform for those who lack related knowledge or formal education in the field. This course uses lectures, assignments, case studies, in-class activities and industry visits to empower and inspire, instilling eager learners with detailed understanding of hotel work, food service and tourism.

  1. High-quality, affordable education

You really can’t argue with the value of the BBS education; a school that seamlessly blends career-based elements with numerous management disciplines. Here, students learn from experienced industry professionals, mastering ultimate tricks of the trade from those who allowed it to grow.

The CTH Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management (QCF) is designed to be similar to a Bachelor’s degree, so students put this qualification toward credit for undergraduate degrees at select universities worldwide. But the best thing about this programme lies in its provision of full- or part-time study routes, with the part-time option allowing students to spread out the cost across their nine-month course.

  1. Empowering industry leaders

This is a school in which students begin their lifelong learning journey. It’s where talent and passion merge to create opportunity, and opportunity evolves into a drive to take charge.

The CTH Level 5 Diploma in Hospitality Management (QCF) caters to the managerial, decision-making and leadership aspects of hospitality. As your confidence level steadily grows, your leadership skills take flight, and that’s when your education has the potential to seep into real-world industry success.

  1. 360° academics

BBS has created a syllabus that caters to both the beginner and the aspiring manager, covering every base in terms of academic level.

The Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Hospitality Management (QCF) promises a breadth and depth of study, covering diverse disciplines such as finance, food and beverage operations management, marketing, food safety management, finance in the hospitality industry, and beyond. This varied module selection gives students the chance to hone their passion, producing well-rounded, versatile graduates who shine on the global stage.

  1. Study in the global hospitality hub of Singapore

The CTH Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management focuses on the relationship between hospitality and tourism – a factor the metropolitan city of Singapore knows all too well. Here, learners master their own hospitality and tourism research project, refining the skills needed for research design, research methods and research presentation. All this takes place among Singapore’s thriving hospitality landscape; a vibrant city that’s fast becoming known as the heart of Southeast Asia. The city is rife with dazzling skylines, cultural restaurants and powerful hotel brands, making it the ideal place to use as a springboard for success.

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