Plagiarism remover: 5 free tools for students

Plagiarism remover
Plagiarism remover or rewriter tools help to paraphrase your content to make it unique. Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

You may have come across plagiarism checkers, but have you come across plagiarism removers or plagiarism rewriters?

Plagiarism removers are software that uses artificial intelligence to remove content which resembles another person’s work, and paraphrases your work to make your article unique whilst retaining the meaning of the original content.

Plagiarism is a serious offence — whether in university or outside the classroom — which makes it essential to check your work before submitting it to your lecturer or professor. Students caught plagiarising face consequences such as a failed grade or academic probation.

Plagiarism can also leave you red in the face. One student was recently accused of plagiarism after giving a speech at Duke University’s commencement ceremony.

The Chronicle — Duke University’s student-run news organisation — reported that Priya Parkash’s speech was similar to student Sarah Abushaar’s 2014 Harvard University commencement speech.

The international student from Pakistan released a statement: “When I was asked to give the commencement speech, I was thrilled by such an honour and I sought advice from respected friends and family about topics I might address. I was embarrassed and confused to find out too late that some of the suggested passages were taken from a recent commencement speech at another university.”

It’s clear that students must learn how to avoid plagiarism by attributing sources and quotes accordingly, and cross-checking facts on reliable websites and sources. As plagiarism can also be unintentional, this makes it handy to use software or platforms that can help you detect it.

If you’re curious about these nifty tools, here are five free online plagiarism remover tools for students.

5 best plagiarism removers for students

Plagiarism Changer by SEOMagnifier 

Plagiarism Changer is a free tool by SEOMagnifier that will help you identify and remove plagiarism from your content. This tool can help make your content unique, using its powerful AI-based algorithms to rewrite your content.

If you are publishing your content online, Plagiarism Changer can help rewrite the duplicate content and replace it with unique and original content that you can use on your online platform.

Plagiarism remover: Plagiarism Changer

Plagiarism remover or rewriter tools such as Plagiarism Changer helps to paraphrase your content whilst retaining the meaning of the original content. Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

Article Rewriter by SmallSEO

Tap into this tool (also known as Text Spinner or Paraphrase Online) which uses automated software technology for rewriting text so that the overall message conveyed in the original text is left intact while the wording is paraphrased.

While it is typically used by content creators, website administrators, bloggers and marketing agencies — it can also be used by students to avoid plagiarism.

Rewriter Tools 

This online paraphrasing tool helps you generate unique content easily and efficiently.

This tool uses AI algorithm which generates synonyms of the words that you have used using its rich vocabulary. The paraphrase generator identifies the context of the given material, before approaching the paraphrasing process.

The site also gives you tips on how to write smartly, which you can access here.


Quillbot helps you to write better, faster and clearer. It is used by over 50 million users worldwide, helps you cut down the amount of time spent on a writing project by about three quarters and lets you paraphrase 125 words on a free plan.

Besides using it to help with your university assignments, projects or online blog article — you can also use it to write emails or social media posts. Bonus: They also have a grammar checker and an instant text summary tool — The Summarizer.

Paraphrasing tool by PrepostSEO

The online paraphrasing tool by PrepostSEO comes in three different modes — namely Simple Mode, Advanced Mode and AI Mode.

  • Simple Mode: Replaces synonyms from the text. You are able to paraphrase unlimited words in this version.
  • Advanced Mode: It works like a word changer. You can add your own words if you are not satisfied with the automatic substitution of synonyms.
  • AI Mode: Not only does this mode change words, it helps to break down complex sentences. It has three sub-modes, which help to fix grammar errors (fluency), make text easily readable (standard) and paraphrase to the point where detection of plagiarism is minimised (creative).