Source: Lomond School
Source: Lomond School

A stunning backdrop. Excellent teachers. An international cohort. Outstanding academic curriculums. These are some of the things that come to mind when one thinks of a “good school”. But what truly makes a good school?

According to the Education Executive, a good school is measured by how quickly it adapts to social changes. Good schools use every resource it possesses for the benefit of its students. More importantly, a good school has various ideas and measures for success — it tailors the educational curriculum to every student according to their needs. This way, they are given the freedom to decide what to study at university and how they structure life beyond the classroom, which naturally leads to them standing out in their college applications.

Here are four schools in the UK that emphasise a student’s academic and personal growth above all else:

Source: Lomond School

Lomond School’s teachers are passionate about teaching, hence why it makes for the perfect place to attain success. Source: Lomond School

Lomond School

As the West of Scotland’s only boarding school, living and studying at Lomond School offers a truly unique experience for boys and girls from the UK and around the world.

Lomond School pupils benefit from a bespoke education, in an inspiring environment where they are known and nurtured. While academic performance is important, the School believes that skills gained beyond the classroom have equal value in preparing pupils for a successful future. At Lomond School every young person is supported to be the best they can be and is guided to find their own unique pathway.

In line with its forward-thinking and innovative approach to the curriculum, Lomond School has introduced two International Baccalaureate programmes (in addition to the existing SQA offering of Highers and Advanced Highers) at Senior 5: the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP). The IBCP incorporates an HNC in Business, providing young people with an excellent opportunity to complete an HNC qualification with the support and guidance of their teachers. Young people with an entrepreneurial nature, or who are interested in a career in business, can benefit greatly from this pathway.

In boarding, Lomond School’s young people are part of a welcoming and supportive family. Its boarding house, Burnbrae, provides a home from home with access to excellent recreational facilities and a network of house parents, tutors, matrons and teachers to guide and mentor every child in their school work and in life. Busy weekends of sport, trips and activities are balanced with time to relax and prepare for the week ahead and the modern, purpose-built boarding house provides a warm and comfortable environment to come home to each day.

The school motto “prospiciamus” encourages every young person to “look forward.” When the time comes to leave Lomond School, pupils do so with a sense of purpose and the skills required to succeed, whatever their future may hold. Click here to be a part of Lomond School’s community.

Source: Framlingham College

At Framlingham College, students know how to work hard, but they also know how to play hard. Source: Framlingham College

Framlingham College

Dubbed a “vibrant boarding and day school”, Framlingham College is home to high-achieving students like Veronica, who scored a whopping 100% in EPQ and four predicted A*s for A Levels. 

At Framlingham, she had the opportunity to dive deep into the subjects that she is most passionate about: Mathematics and Physics. The Slovakian native was also given the chance to excel in other ways from playing the piano to hiking, skiing, and completing the Rubik’s Cube. After graduating from Framlingham, the former Pembroke House boarder received several internship offers — no easy feat even for a fresh university graduate.

Life at Framlingham College has been described by its students as “varied, collaborative, interesting, busy, supportive, fun, inspiring, and challenging”. The college has a track record of producing stellar graduates because of its well thought out curriculum. For example, Sixth Formers are required to catch up on work in their respective boarding houses or the school’s Sixth Form Centre when they have “study periods”. Some use this chance to run through topics they need more clarification on with fellow teachers.

Pupils flourish at Framlingham College because of its holistic approach to how subjects are taught. Learn more about how the school develops each child with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive as global citizens in their adult world here.

Source: Rossall School

Rossall School holds a Girls’ Houses Activity Day on a Saturday morning. Source: Rossall School

Rossall School

Rossall is more than just a school — it is a diverse and creative community that provides an inspiring environment where students can live and learn together. The school accepts applications for enrolment of children aged as early as three months old to 18 years old. 

Referred to as “the Eton of the North”, the school can be found in the county of Lancashire, surrounded by seaside towns and the beautiful rolling countryside. Rossall School’s student body consists of 30% international students from over 70 different countries, a testament to the institution’s promise of providing a multicultural setting for all students to learn from each other.

Even the admissions process is different — the faculty members meet with each student to discuss with them about whether or not Rossall School is the best place for them to thrive. Choosing the right institution to spend your formative years at can be tough, which is why Rossall ensures that every student admitted to the school will be able to meet its consistently high standards.

When admitted, students do nothing but bloom — over 60% of seniors go on to join Russell Group universities, with almost 40% taking up places at Top 10 universities in the UK. Click here to join their ranks.

Source: Monkton Combe School

Year 13 pupils of Monkton Combe School pose for the camera. Source: Monkton Combe School

Monkton Combe School

Zoom in on the southwest of England and you’ll discover Monkton Combe School, an independent day and boarding school that holds strongly to its Christian ethos. Since 1868, the school has stood by several values that drive their education system and academic curriculum: a culture of self confidence yet powerful humility, celebrating failure, reflecting on mistakes, and developing a culture of service both within and beyond the school’s four walls.

Those who go to Monkton Combe School are taught to always question themselves and others. In the school’s own words, it believes that “good questions drive good answers”. Questions lead to thinking about the world around you, which then fosters independent thinking — a good trait to carry forward when one goes to university and the workplace.

This constant need to reflect and change is what makes Monkton Combe School’s system distinctive. It not only encourages them to learn from their mistakes, but it also helps them accept that failure is a part of life. At Monkton Combe School, pupils learn how to get right back up when they fall. 

Take ownership of your own GCSE and A Levels journey by choosing from over 30 subjects at Monkton Combe School. Find out more about what the school has to offer here

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