international schools in Asia

A globally recognised curriculum. An international student community. Stellar care under qualified academic staff. A small yet diverse student body. These primary factors make these international schools in Asia stand out. 

Finding the right international school for your child can be daunting, especially when there are many top schools to choose from. After all, the Independent International K12 Education Portal Magazine reported in 2019 that there were 11,000 schools across the globe – with South East Asia experiencing dramatic growth of international schools in recent years. 

Does the school have a transition plan? Is it in a good location? Do we believe in the same values? Is there a track record of success? 

These international schools in Asia can answer yes to these questions — and more. They are institutions that provide a supportive and enriching learning environment built on your child’s strengths and include them in an environment where they can reach their full potential. These institutions offer a globalised curriculum and are located in quiet, tranquil locations fostering a conducive learning environment. 

If this is the future you envision for your child, here are four schools in Asia you can consider:

Ascot International School

international schools in Asia

Source: Located in the heart of Bangkok, this international school nurtures young learners who are ready to tackle the challenge of becoming global citizens. Source: Ascot International School

Located in Bangkok’s Sapansung district, Ascot International School is a continuum International Baccalaureate (IB) World School where students are gaining an education for the future. Here, students can pursue the full spectrum of IB programmes: Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma. These provide a framework for learning that goes beyond just learning information — it moulds Ascot students into world-ready global citizens who in turn will make the world a better place.

In its nurturing and inclusive environment, Ascot teachers lead students through a challenging curriculum that enables them to become adaptable lifelong learners. A low teacher-to-student ratio allows teachers to shape the curriculum to meet the unique and differentiated needs of each learner. The result? The evolution of students into active contributors to this world with armed with critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and a heart for service.

Its Primary School is a fun place for children aged three to 12. They learn through hands-on and experiential opportunities with a strong emphasis on learning through play and exploration. At Secondary School, they work towards sitting for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in year 11 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) in year 13. Specialist teachers and dedicated form tutors provide support every step of the way. To learn more abou Ascot’s academic, sporting, residential, field trips and extracurricular activities, click here.

The ABC International School

international schools in Asia

Source: The ABC International School offers high-quality instruction that aligns with the National Curriculum of England. Source: The ABC International School

The ABC International School (ABCIS) is a multi-national, non-denominational day school located in Vietnam that offers a holistic, values-driven and international education for students aged two to 18 from 23 different countries. 

At this family-owned school (the largest in Vietnam), students are developing skills for life in a caring environment. They are pursuing a high quality education aligned with the National Curriculum of England — that leads to outstanding results and an international future. 

It starts with the Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS). This sets the standards which are required to ensure that all children learn and develop to the best of their ability and are kept healthy, happy, safe and secure. As they progress through their Primary and Secondary curricula, students work their way towards sitting for their IGCSE and A Levels, before going on to thrive during their further studies in the UK, US, Australia and elsewhere. 

What sets ABCIS apart from other schools is its highly experienced and fully qualified staff who are recruited from different parts of the globe. Teachers come from the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and many more. They bring their vast experience to the school to spur the social, emotional and academic development of students, setting them up for global success. 

The results? 97% of all IGCSE students achieved A*-C Grades, 64% A/A*, and 60% of all A-Level grades were A*/A. Graduates from ABCIS can be found at leading colleges around the globe, such as the University of Cambridge, King’s College London and more. To learn more about the only school in Vietnam to be acknowledged and accepted as a member of the Council of British International School, click here.

ISS International School Singapore

international schools in Asia

Source: ISS International School is an internationally accredited three-programme IB school with a diverse student population. Source: ISS International School

A personalised learning plan for every student. A diverse student population. A nurturing and inspiring environment. These are some of the top reasons why many parents choose ISS International School (ISS), one of the longest established three programme IB international schools in Singapore.

The Learning Accelerator initiative enhances this holistic education by creating personalised approaches that meet each individual’s needs. It is based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses for their self-identified academic and community goals (interactions, participation, service). These SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeline) goals — co-constructed by students with their teachers —  are monitored and supported throughout the year. By using current pedagogical practice and knowledge about the psychology of learning, ISS teachers empower students in their learning journey and engage parents more intimately in their child’s progress.

Pair this with stellar pastoral care and ISS students are on their way to realising their potential. Here, every ISS learner’s social, physical and mental health are well taken care of. Students learn about themselves and their responsibilities as members of the community through a range of structured activities and programmes in the following key areas: Actively Contributing to Communities; Being Healthy, Safe and Active; Communicating and Interacting; and Personal Identity. To learn more about how ISS is educating to make a difference, click here.

North London Collegiate School Jeju

international schools in Asia

Source: Students study in a supportive learning environment located on the picturesque island of Jeju. Source: North London Collegiate School Jeju/Facebook

Jeju Island in South Korea is an amazing location for students, staff, and families. With a beautiful countryside, a stunning coastline, a towering dormant volcano, 360 satellite volcanic hills — and more — it is a privilege to live and study within one of the world’s new Seven Wonders of Nature. 

Enter North London Collegiate School Jeju (NLCS Jeju), a day and boarding international school for girls and boys aged four to 18. NLCS Jeju students come from Korea, China, Japan, Russia and the rest of Asia. Here, they follow the world-renowned British curriculum without having to go to the UK — saving money and enjoying a closer distance to home. They really can start here to go anywhere. 

Starting this exceptional beginning at NLCS Jeju, many graduates go on to enjoy happy lives as global citizens and future world leaders. Its Junior School is a friendly and warm place for children aged four to 11. They pursue an ambitious education programme in small classes that ensure quality interaction with their teachers. Its Senior School is just as prolific. Through key stages of their education, they work towards sitting for the IGCSE course and then follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme, both of which boast outstanding results by past students, thanks to NLCS Jeju’s academic excellence. 

Pair good grades with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities, and NLCS Jeju students evolve into exceptional individuals who believe that anything is possible. From sports to music, drama, art and leadership, students have almost 150 different activities and academic societies to choose from every week. That’s how they get to try something new and take opportunities to discover new passions. Click here to discover how NLCS Jeju can be the ideal school for your child to build an exceptional life after school.

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