3 US universities uniting STEM with digital innovation
Source: Montana Tech

Four letters representing four important subjects have successfully enriched global education, forming proactive solutions to the world’s most significant environmental problems.

Science, a topic intertwined with exploration, discovery and the establishment of measurable explanations to complex challenges, is one of the four main subjects that interest inquisitive students.

Addressing concerns about noticeable changes in the natural environment, science is what links us to the latest IPCC Report named Global Warming of 1.5 °C; an important evaluation of the current state of our lands and future.

Without daring scientific minds, we wouldn’t be able to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change and sustainable development with reports like this.

Technology is another tool that has taken us on an incredible journey over the centuries.

Used to solve the complexities of daily life, technology has gifted us with the World Wide Web, AI gadgets and the freedom to access this online page.

By bringing communities and students together from all walks of life, technology is not limited to a certain stature or social class. Instead, it has the power to bring ideas to life, to help combat climate change and to connect international students to their future programmes.

Source: Colorado School of Mines

Then there’s engineering, a skillful subject that relates to a dynamic range of disciplines.

With an endless list of inventions, structures and solutions, engineering has made an everlasting impact on our world. From civil to mechanical engineering, there’s a route out there for every aspiring innovator to try.

But one thing you must ensure when applying for an engineering course is that your desired institution is built on a strong foundation of diversity and equality. As a subject that’s pretty much open to all backgrounds, everyone can have the chance to fuse their talents with the lessons being taught.

Next up is mathematics, a subject that should never be misjudged for simple calculations and charts.

Without mathematics, we would not have access to life-changing statistics. As this newspaper once explained, “Statistics and probability are perhaps the most commonly applied areas of mathematics, used by journalists, stockbrokers, nurses, athletes, data scientists, actuaries and, of course, statisticians.”

As a master key to employment opportunities, maths teaches students to evaluate and analyse key data and take their analytical skill to the next level.

Together, these four subjects form the four letters of STEM – an education worth experiencing.

Here are three US academic powerhouses in STEM education…


Montana Tech is where theory meets practice. As Montana’s only STEM university, Montana Tech prepares exceptional students to start careers in high-demand fields.

Surrounded by national parks, rivers, and the iconic Rocky Mountains, students at Montana Tech enjoy the limitless opportunities of Big Sky Country.

Source: Montana Tech

Close to the iconic Tobacco Root Mountains and Jefferson Valley, Montana Tech is one of the top 10 ‘Best Value Schools’ according to US News & World Report 2019, and is home to the Number 1 Best Value Engineering school, the School of Mines and Engineering.

Montana Tech is a study abroad haven for many international undergraduates, graduate and doctoral students. The modern and diverse array of degrees bridge practical knowledge with essential real-world experience. You can choose from over 60 forward-facing majors such as Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Safety Health and Industrial Hygiene.

The Montana Tech education extends far beyond the classroom. An exceptional career outcomes rate of 94 percent is bolstered by an advanced Career Services department, and the new Student Success Center will transform access to and collaboration with student support services.

As Montana Tech alumnus and CEO of ConocoPhillips, Ryan Lance explains, “As a university, Montana Tech attracts students with grit, students with passion and students that want to work hard in their chosen STEM career. It offers what I believe, a high rate of return for graduating students and steadfast solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.”

Montana Tech produces problem-solvers and leaders who can inspire you to be the solution.


Built on a foundation of energy, earth and environment, Colorado School of Mines encourages students to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and better the lives of themselves and those around them with practical and efficient modes of thinking.

Source: Colorado School of Mines

At their College of Applied Science and Engineering (CASE), collaboration is key to unlocking creative and critical thinking rituals. By merging multifunctional degrees with world-class teaching experts, you can extract exceptional knowledge and dedicate what you’ve learned towards your specialised career in STEM.

Understanding the importance of equipping current and future generations with real-world insights of scientific and technological industries, the campus is strategically located near the diverse state capital of Denver. Known as a high-tech hotbed for start-ups and success-driven graduates, this is the place to be if you want to kickstart your professional ambitions at a faster pace.

The school envisions a life of entrepreneurship and innovation for all students. To complement curious minds and go-getting attitudes, it often sets innovation challenges for learners to maximise their personal growth and goal-orientated organisations, helping them build up their professional network and portfolio.

Initially, Colorado School of Mines is a stepping stone for anyone looking to become a valued contributor to the fight against climate change and an ambassador for earth-related research that really makes a difference.

So, if you’re ready to unearth your true potential and materialise your academic dreams, join Mines and expand your studies in STEM.


Transcending disciplines, educating leaders and transforming lives, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University in New York is fighting to sustain humanity.

Source: Columbia University, FU Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Following on from its breakthrough year in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the school has made major advancements in everything from neuroscience to climate change.

From undergraduate to postgraduate disciplines, at Columbia there’s a course for everyone. With influential research from initiatives such as the Data Science Institute, the Earth Institute, the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, the Precision Medicine Initiative and the Columbia Nano Initiative, learners are always forming new projects and ideas of their own.

For instance, last October, Electrical Engineering PhD candidate Negar Reiskarimian was named a Riser by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. As one of 50 fellow honorees, Reiskarimian presented her work at DARPA’s 60th annual symposium!

Alongside awe-inspiring research, the school also keeps a close eye on your career progression and adds a variety of academic accolades and impressive employability skills to your professional portfolio.

As an international student, Angela (Xi) Cao MS’17 states that, “Beside the classes that were hybrids of finance and engineering, there were numerous career workshops from the very first day of orientation and it helped fully prepare us to find jobs.”

If you’re hoping for a well-balanced and informative US study adventure, Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is a really great option.

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