3 traits to look out for in postgraduate education
Source: University of Surrey

A bachelor’s degree is no longer an express path to today’s most impactful jobs. As the nature of work changes and new technological innovations disrupt industries everywhere, the worker who stays ahead of the curve is one who holds a specialised, ever-evolving skillset.

But with more than one hundred universities in the UK alone, it can be hard for the working adult to pick one that will best pay off. Whether it’s to start a new career or pursue an academic passion, you’ll want an institution with the power to make your vision become a reality.

The University of Surrey is one that stands out for aspiring postgraduate students. What makes it so unique are these three traits:

A caring campus

Vibrant and enthusiastic, it’s no surprise that Surrey earned the prestigious Gold award in the first ever Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Leading academics who are experts in their fields double as passionate lecturers and staff who inspire and prepare students, empowering graduates who contribute to society and address major global issues.

Source: University of Surrey

Omar El Menoufi chose to study the MSc International Hospitality Management because the hospitality industry is an exciting, dynamic and international industry to forge his future career. What he enjoys most in his course today are the specialist modules, as well as the helpful and approachable lecturers and professors in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management:

“The academic staff are very helpful, approachable and knowledgeable on the hospitality subject they specialise in, making the subject all the more exciting and interesting,” he says.

Meanwhile, at the Doctoral College, students tap into a host of research services and support through a community that connects supervisors, research staff, postgraduate researchers and early career researchers across all three of the university’s faculties.

Caring for postgraduate students at Surrey doesn’t just stop at the academic level – here, it’s a holistic exercise. At SPLASH (Student Personal Learning and Study Hub), students get to join drop-in sessions, workshops and one-to-one advice sessions if they need help with core interrelated areas of academic, personal and professional development. Whether it’s for academic writing, career preparation or for revision, this integral service offered at the £16m library and learning centre is always open for Surrey students.

Students don’t just receive help for physical concerns at the on-campus Student Health Centre, but also with emotional and psychological challenges and find an opportunity to talk issues through at the Wellbeing Centre.

Surrey’s recently-launched Big White Wall is now available for students to access a safe online support service to improve and self-manage their wellbeing.

Highly employable graduates

What makes a graduate employable is a complex concept that depends on a myriad of factors. But according to the QS Graduate Employability Report 2019, there are traits that make a university more able to produce graduates in-demand by the labour market. These include the institution’s reputation among employers, the quality of its alumni, partnerships between university and employer, as well as how frequently employers are on-campus.

Surrey ticks the box for all of the above. Former students have gone on to graduate roles in leading companies in the UK and worldwide. The two-year Euromasters in various subjects lets students gain further qualifications in a selected pathway, with the opportunity to take up an industrial placement in the UK or abroad. Each academic year sees multiple study trips and integrated work placement opportunities planned, too.

Source: University of Surrey

Meanwhile, the Employability and Careers Centre constantly work with academics and departments to ensure all students are taught professional and personal skills and prepared to thrive in work placements.

Great student experience

Located in Guildford, a charming historic market town, downtime at Surrey means being surrounded by the beauty the UK has to offer. There’s the green countryside of Surrey Hills for outdoor activities, hundreds of places to shop, eat and drink as well as a respectable arts scene with three theatres, art galleries and a G Live music venue on top of a multi-arts comedy festival, literature festival and science festival each year.

It’s a win-win situation, according to Gideon Ewa, a student pursuing the MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communications. Recognising his goal of becoming a communication engineer at Surrey is thrilling, but hard work. Gideon attends numerous seminars and talks by representatives from both mobile and satellite companies his programme provides for. But Surrey’s location makes it a “wonderful place both in terms of studying and social life.

“There’s plenty going on but also lots of areas to relax: I found the lakeside was the best place when I wanted to unwind,” he adds.

When it comes to enriching student lives, the University of Surrey Students’ Union (USSU) is the place to be. Attending university as a mature student can be a lonely affair, but Surrey’s postgraduate society is definitely worth your time, offering an active, supportive, and inclusive community. Previous events include movie nights, pub outings, colour runs, coffee sessions and more.

Don’t ever think it’s too late to live your student experience. However you see your future, your time at Surrey will transform your life.

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