3 sport education providers that produce employable graduates

To get a head start in your sports education studies, you’ll need to select a school that shares your goals. With so many options out there, it’s difficult to determine the prime education provider. But when it comes to study opportunities, Australia has a leading advantage. In 2017, the number of international students hit a record high, with more than 500,000 learners swapping their comfort zones for a new life in the Australian sunshine.

Intrigued by the sudden student rush, QS questioned the key reasons as to why so many students wanted to switch up their scenery. One explanation that stood out is the way that Australia offers equal opportunities and personal freedom. By studying overseas you’ll be exposed to a fresh set of skills and incredible places to see. After your experience, your knowledge will be as wide and as intricate as the Great Barrier Reef. Not only will you get to study this subject under bright blue skies, but you’ll also get to practice it in an exquisite natural environment.

For the fifth time, Australia is hosting The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (GC2018). Once again, the country has been recognised for its commitment to sports and its dedication to promoting positive competition. The upcoming games will accommodate teams from over 70 Commonwealth nations, demonstrating Australia’s warm and welcoming culture. This particular event signifies the country’s long-lasting bond with physical education.

Australia’s devotion to sports is mirrored in its national curriculum; a place where athletic activities are taken seriously. By adopting the global perspective that exercise boosts academic performance, universities value innovative sport-based degrees. But it’s not just academic institutions that reap the benefits; since the rise of health-conscious social media, many internet users have focused on the latest fitness trends. This has triggered a flow of fresh jobs in the sports industry. From health bloggers to virtual personal trainers, hundreds of roles have popped up in the sports education sector.

With the increasing popularity of sporting professions, thousands of international students are applying for a degree in physical education and exercise science. As Australia presents the ideal atmosphere and attitude for this area of study, you may want to consider the following institutions that are always ahead of the game.

Here are 3 sports education providers who produce employable graduates…


The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) is Australia’s pre-eminent educator in sport, health, fitness, education, and dance. Established in 1917, ACPE has over 100 years’ experience in educating the industry’s preferred graduates. ACPE is known for its industry focused, direct entry bachelor degrees. This is great news if you want to enrol as soon as possible and commence study quickly. As ACPE understands the many demands on students outside of study, flexibility is provided through online subjects and selected degrees available fully online, allowing students to balance their study, work and personal lives. Plus, with an extensive array of courses offered, you can choose the degree that suits your career goals best.

As a national provider of innovative education, ACPE’s aims are clear; the college prepares students for the demands of the job market by use of up to date theoretical teaching integrated with industry informed practical learning. That’s why ACPE graduates are set up for career success.

For instance, ACPE graduate, Pat Sanford, was offered a full time position with prestigious sporting institution, NSW Rugby, directly after graduating from ACPE. During his degree in sports coaching Pat realised the importance of industry experience, explaining “at ACPE, I learnt good coaching tips – like how to speak to the athletes. They taught me how to pull the answers out of kids, how to coach them rather than dictate to them and this is one of the big reasons I got the gig with [NSW Rugby].”

This college provides aspiring sport, health, fitness, education, and dance professionals with the essential diploma and graduate diploma programs, and associate and Bachelor degrees to succeed in their chosen field. ACPE’s purpose-built campus in Australia’s home of sport, Sydney Olympic Park, provides students with a premier learning experience. The state-of-the-art facilities include dance studios, sport science labs, library, and indoor sports courts. Luckily, ACPE arranges personal campus tours just for your perusal. Simply select a date and time with ACPE’s Enrolment Advisors to experience the campus and discover which course will help you achieve your dream career.


At the Federation University, the Faculty of Health is actively-motivating sports students from all walks of life. FedUni utilises undergraduate and postgraduate schemes that will introduce you to the areas of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and motor learning.

The Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science in particular encompasses hands-on industry learning to guide you through your degree. These practical hours prepare you for a real-life working is this programme worthwhile for your career, it’s also worthwhile for the community. This course encourages you to promote healthy living to the public, to help people through rehabilitation and further your understanding of physiology. It’s a win-win situation.

Federation University is also home to the only face-to-face Master of Strength and Conditioning course in Australia. Through informative tutorials and engaging activities, the practical nature of the degree draws students in. Programme placements give you the chance to work with athletes and coaches overseas or locally. What makes it unique is the fact that it’s delivered in the thriving sports city of Ballarat. Just a drive away from Geelong or Melbourne, it’s perfectly accessible.

If you’re fascinated by a career in sports-related education but you’re also searching for a scholarship, you should take a look at FedUni’s HDR selection. As long as you’re a motivated and suitability-qualified candidate, you have a winning chance of securing financial aid.


La Trobe is another sports education provider that’s racing ahead with its wide range of physical and health education courses. When you want to stray away from lectures and get active, this university has an Elite Athlete Program (LEAP)  where students can compete in sport at an elite level.  If you join this network, you’ll receive training to support your career and access to industry networks through various sporting partnerships.

Situated in the laid-back city of Melbourne, applicants are swayed by the diverse student community and the beautiful bushland setting. It’s a tranquil landscape for the study of courses like the Bachelor of Physical, Health and Outdoor Education. Acting as a bridge to a La Trobe Master’s degree, you’ll dive straight into leadership, exercise physiology and risk management topics. By studying at La Trobe, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge required for a professional working environment.

As one of Australia’s leading universities, La Trobe has built an outstanding reputation for its educational excellence. It owns one of the largest collections of sports courses and research here is mainly focused on empowering the public. What many people don’t realise is the way sports studies have an immense effect on the wellbeing of others. La Trobe understands that health and physical education are not always about sports, it’s also about improving the longevity of society.  During your course, you’ll have the opportunity to create transformative methods that will take the health industry by storm. It’s all about how you link your degree to your future aspirations and how much you utilise the facilities at La Trobe. As the saying goes, the ball is in your court…

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