3 reasons to study Law at Georgia State University

Are you leaning toward a life in the Law but are uncertain about where you should study? If you’re ambitious and willing to learn then it can lead to some incredible business platforms. Georgia State University’s College of Law in the United States blends top-tier faculty members with engaging legal theory and practice to create a comfortable space for determined individuals.

This forward-thinking university’s law school has earned a reputation for producing an outstanding graduates who have become leaders in the field of law. Since opening its doors in 1985, the college has provided an innovative, affordable and flexible legal education. That’s why it has been ranked the No. 1 “Best Value” law school by The National Jurist Magazine, and consistently tops the charts for the “Top 20 Best Value Law Schools.”

As The Guardian explains, tutors agree the law is “for people who like to engage with ideas – and an enquiring mind is key.” Patience is another key factor that’s linked to the ideal mindset, if you’re “willing to invest time to get to grips with complex ideas,” then law is certainly a valuable degree for you to pursue. So, why should Georgia State University be the selected space to develop your career aspirations?

Strategic study location

Set in the center of downtown Atlanta, Georgia State’s College of Law is in a prime study location. Strategically surrounded by law firms, government agencies and various nonprofit organizations, students are exposed to a lively landscape full of learning opportunities. This is a dual advantage as whilst you’re attending this law school, you can also check out local law firms.

Outside of studies, student life is flourishing. With so much going on in Atlanta, downtown is rich in history and attracts many visitors every year. One hot spot that people love to visit is the Sweet Auburn Historic District where civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was born. There’s also a local market nearby selling organic and natural produce to provide healthy snacks when you’re on a study break. So, when you’re considering a location to study law, Georgia State Law has it everything set up perfectly for you.

Investing in your intellectual growth

If you’re devoting your time and effort into an advanced law degree, you want to make sure that the law school is just as invested as you are. Georgia State values student success, if you’re struggling to grasp any concept or if English isn’t your first language, there are also a range of summer programs to teach you legal English and specific terminology.

The college also has a Center for Professional Development & Career Strategies, which works to prepare, assist, encourage and support students and alumni throughout their career journey. Georgia State takes a practical approach and offers personal communication and branding workshops, networking events, on-campus interviews and job fairs, interview guidance and career coaching. This a real bonus as you’ll get to share your ambitions and take part in campus events. Alongside the strategy service, there’s time to participate in career fairs.

Typically, Georgia State Law collaborates with law firms, hiring partners and other businesses to bring them to campus to talk with students for on-campus interviews. In addition, the college is involved with more than 20 regional, local and national job fairs and recruitment schemes ¾ for instance, the Equal Justice Career Fair & Conference, America’s largest national legal fair for public interest. That’s how dedicated Georgia State Law is to your future.

Mastering Law with LL.M

According to U.S. News & World Report, “an LL.M. can result in big financial rewards and it can serve as a career accelerator.” In the publication’s interview with an accomplished tax attorney, he stated that “I found my LL.M. to be one of the best things I ever did, it was an absolutely rewarding experience. I learned more in a single year than in any other aspect of my educational experience.”

Students from all over the world gather around the Georgia State Law campus to take part in the LL.M program. One of these students is Mpho G. Bratton, who flew 16 hours across the Atlantic Ocean to get to downtown Atlanta. When she started the program, she found that “Georgia State Law offered what most schools did not, a program specifically tailored for foreign-trained lawyers who want to be eligible to sit for the bar for admission into the legal profession in the United States.”

Mpho also enjoyed the fact that “the LL.M. class itself is composed of lawyers from different countries and cultures all over the globe” and that it offers “a close-knit community of international students who bring with them a different perspective on the challenges faced by our society and who hope to improve the legal community.”

By combining an informative master of laws course with a thriving campus location, graduates gain academic and intellectual growth. That’s why so many applicants from around the world devote their legal studies to the Georgia State University College of Law.

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