23 problems only history students will understand


Uni is great- gaining your indepenence, making new friends, partying every night, what’s not to love, right?

Well, why don’t you try asking the history students…there’s a lot of things that they tend not to love…and here are 23 of them…

1. Turning up to class and having no idea what anyone is talking about

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Aah, the age-old problem of not doing the reading…just look serious and nod occasionally and no one will suspect a thing.

2. Google Scholar and Jstor are literally like your God

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Anything that lets you read online and catch up on what you miss is a real-life saviour.

3. That feeling of elation when you discover that the document collection you need is available online

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The wonders of the Interweb for a budding historian, eh?

4. Being lectured by the key expert in the field

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It’s official: there’ll be strictly no blagging in this classroom!

5. You’re kind of over the Battle of Hastings… and the Roman Empire!

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YES, you understand they are both significant events that shaped the way we live and understand people, and YES, you agree that they are fascinating…the FIRST time you study them!!

After being in the history game as long as you have, it starts to get a little old!

6. Dealing with the haters who say history isn’t a ‘real degree’ and it’s super easy

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Easy?! If only they could see how many historical facts are crammed into that clever head of yours!

7. Being asked, repeatedly, “Why study history, man? It’s all in the past- what about the future?”

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8. The words ‘Footnotes’ and ‘Bibliography’ send shivers of terror down your spine

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How about ‘Alphabetise’?

9. But the word ‘Archives’ makes you feel like you need a nervous wee…

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…A nervous wee of EXCITEMENT!

10. You feel more at home in the library than you do in your own bedroom

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Only because you’ve been in there so long you’re practically part of the furniture…

11. Nowadays, you’d honestly rather assess the reliability of primary sources than read Reddit’s quirky Subreddits

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“This source was present throughout the Ivanov experiments of the 1920s…does that mean nothing to you?!”

12. Basically passing out after reading no more than two pages of the set reading

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Got to…need to…finish…just…one…more…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

13. “Historical” films will never be the same again, and no one wants to watch them with you anymore anyway…

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JFK, don’t even mention Braveheart, and Pearl Harbour? Just another level!

Your friends refuse to watch them with you and every inaccuracy kills a tiny piece of your soul…

History hurts, man!

14. That sinking feeling when someone says: “Oh cool, history! So, what you gonna do with that after?”

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“God damn! I’m not in this for the job!”

15. Your blood literally boils when you hear your classmates say things like, “How on Earth can I be expected to write 10 pages about the Shirley Brothers and their impact on the Ottoman Empire when it can barely be covered in 100? 10 is just too easy!”

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“10 works just fine for me!”

16. The struggles of having to reference every single date and fact you mention

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Teacher: “So, where is this referenced?”

You: “There are some things I just know, OKAY?!”

17. Well over half your student loan has gone on books and printing

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Looking at a screen for too long can make your eyes go gammy, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to let go of your beloved annotations…

18. You nearly burst a blood vessel every time you hear someone say, “Why would anyone want to write about that?” when discussing your very niche topics

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Well, no one’s asking you to write it, so keep your thoughtsa to yourself, OKAY?!

19. Never being able to borrow key texts from the library

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“Okay, so there’s over 50,000 books in this library; 300 people on my course need to read NEED to read this ONE text…why do you only have FIVE copies?! Oh, this is reference only? Right…makes sense…”

20. Every time you read an old source, you wish you’d taken a course in calligraphy

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Damn your obsession with old-fashioned things!

21. That weird feeling you get when people are amazed about how many dates you can remember

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“I don’t remember them as such, I’ve just read about that topic 100 million times!”

22. The horror of reading a whole 70-page journal only to discover it’s all completely irrelevant

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And you’ll never get that time back!

23. Becoming a complete and utter psycho-cretin when it comes to your dissertation

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“Oh, 10,000 words is nothing!”…famous last words…

It’s the last two weeks of uni and everyone’s forgotten what you look like because you’ve been in the library for so long.

And now, even daylight burns…

But once it’s all over, it will totally be worth it!

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