16 things you weren’t supposed to learn at university


Aaah University- the best time of your life! That glorious period where you learned how to make friends, how to use a washing machine, how to cook beans on toast, or beans on cheese on toast, or (on a really good day) beans on cheese on egg on toast, and all about that wonderful system commonly known as Harvard referencing…

You’re away from home, living with (at first) complete strangers for at least three years of your life; a lot of things are going to happen; a lot of lessons are going to be learned, like…

1. Even when you literally have nothing, there’s always a way to pamper yourself

2. You can function relatively well on practically no sleep

…and in pretty much any location

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3. That “20 minute” nap is never going to be 20 minutes

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...and that first 30 seconds after waking up will always be confusing as hell!

4. Your brain functions surprisingly well after consuming your body weight in coffee

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5. And all the fridge-pickers who think it’s okay to steal energy drinks must be ingrained with a death wish

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6. Deadlines are the spawn of the devil

And no matter how far you bury that paper in the abyss that is your room, it really is not going to go away!

7. There is no sweeter sound than a gleeful yell of the words “FREE SHOTS!”

and then…

**Another word of advice: drink ALL the free shots, because in ten years time those words will probably crush your soul.**

8. Fresher’s Flu is a real, legit thing!!

Remember: you only get one Fresher’s week, and no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER escape the flu… so you might as well enjoy it. You may feel and look like you’ve been spat out of a cement mixer, but that three day hangover will be totally worth it!

9. You’re a total pro at getting freebies!

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Fresher’s Fayre, the Student Union, the Internet; times are hard and budgets are tight- blag all the free stuff you can get!

10. Some people are just weird…

Really – there’s always one!

And if you’re struggling to decide which one of your housemates it is…that probably means it’s you…

11. The words “I’m never drinking again!” have virtually no meaning

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“What happened last night? I’m so embarrassed- I’m never drinking again!”





12. Mutual struggle is a beautiful thing

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The age old toilet roll struggle…there’s seven people living with you and they all share your pain.

Having a hard time revising? At least 90% of your class are feeling exactly the same. Besides uber-stressed last-minute group study sessions are a really great way to bond…

13. Life really shouldn’t be taken too seriously

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Whether you’re planning to turn the room upside down, move your sleeping housemate to a very public place, put cling film over the toilet or post-its on every surface, just do it! But remember to take a picture or it basically never happened…

14. You’d be top of the class in procrastinating

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Your student house will never be as clean as it was in finals week…

15. How to make an awesome costume with only pennies in your budget

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16. Your friends are really your family


Lots of love for these people #geogsoc #whiteshirt #social #unifamily

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And with everything you’ve shared together it’d be pretty hard to break that bond!

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