While most 12-year-olds obsess over hair gel, Taylor Swift and The Avengers, one California pre-teen is occupied with something far more pressing – which university he’s going to attend when September rolls around.

Tanishq Abraham already has three college degrees to his name, but after being offered a place at the University of California, Davis and receiving a regents scholarship to University of California, Santa Cruz, Abraham’s next big decision lies in the hallways he’d rather walk down throughout the next academic year, reported Sacramento television station CBS 13.

“I think I’ll be 18 when I get my M.D.,” said Abraham, who plans to study biomedical engineering in the hopes of becoming a doctor or medical researcher – or even America’s future President.

The young boy’s college career began with a passion for dinosaurs, but before long he was asking whether he could pursue a degree.

“It’s like, you’re 6 years old and you want to take a college class,” his mother told CBS13. “So we just laughed it off.”

But Tanishq, not being one to shy away from a challenge, started attending community college at the tender age of seven, receiving an associate’s degree in general science, math and physical science, and foreign languages from the American River College in Sacramento last year. He also achieved his high school diploma when we was just 10-years-old.

“Lots of professors, they didn’t really want me in their classes because I was too young,” he told CBS 13.

But one college Professor decided to give Tanishq his break, but only on one condition – his mother, Taji, a Doctor of Veterinary Science, would have to attend too.

“There were times when I had to explain general relativity and special relativity to my Mum,” he said.

Marlene Martinez, Professor of Biology, claims Abraham was never afraid to ask lots of questions in class: “In lecture he would always pop up with ‘so, does that mean…’ or ‘what about this?’” she said.

Tanishq’s father, Bijou Abraham,  who works as a software engineer, told NBC News that his son had always been an incredibly fast learner, even becoming a member of Mensa – the world’s largest and oldest society for people with high IQs –  when he was just four years old.

“We tested him and discovered that he was pretty smart,” said Bijou. “We were surprised when we started giving him advanced stuff and he was picking it up really fast.”

Tanishq believes his fellow child prodigies are largely considered odd. “When you think of a genius, you think of a mad scientist type thing,” he said.

But the young man pointed out that he really is just a normal kid – a kid who likes to play video games as much as he likes to play with microscopes. “I just think learning is fun,” he said, and with his dream of becoming a doctor fast approaching reality, UC Davis will be honoured that Sacramento’s smartest 12-year-old has accepted their offer of enrolment.

Wishing you the best of luck, Tanishq!

Additional reporting by Associated Press and CBS 13.

Image via AP Images.

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