10 Tough Struggles for Girl Boarders in Australia


Australia offers one of the best standards of living in the world, but a country so vast and diverse also presents a lot of challenges…especially when you’re a girl at Boarding School! Here’s our list of Top Ten Struggles that Boarding School Sheilas inevitably have to face:

1. You’re permantly on edge…

Have you ever wondered whether there’s a reason why Australia is surrounded by so much water? Well, it’s supposed to be to keep all of us out and keep the deadly animals in! 

Sharks, Crocs, Jellyfish, Spiders, Snakes, Cassowary, Snails, Mosquitos, Fish, Octopuses, Scorpions…all of them are incredibly deadly and you can bet that they DON’T want to be your friend.

But hey, at least they don’t have Lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Hippopotomi, Honey Badgers and Jaguars………..

Seriously though, there’s no need to do your nut; Australia is home to the world’s deadliest animals but they only actually kill about 5 people a year (like that makes you feel any better…) so the best thing to do is always swim between the flags and check the sofa before you sit down!

2. It’s really hard to find the right outfit when the weather’s so unpredictable…

Okay, okay, so the weather down under is largely pretty good, but it can be pretty erratic;

Bush fires to flash floods, lightning to torrential downpours; and you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t have brought your coat when the heavens decide to open.

3. It can get really confusing calling everyone ‘Mate’…

“G’day mate!”

“Watcha mate, how’s it going?”

“Not too bad mate, I was just about to use the dunny but matey told me my mate was here.”

“Good on ‘im. He’s a good mate. My mates would never do something like that for me.”

“Ah mate, have you ever thought that mates like that might not be your mates at all?”

“Gotta say, I’ve never given it a second thought, mate.”

“Well not to worry- I’m still ya mate.”

“Yeah, thanks mate.”

“No worries mate.”

…See what I mean…mate?

4. When you’re in desperate need of a hug from your Mum, you have at least a 24-hour flight to get there…

Not to mention all the time you’ll spend packing, getting to the airport, dragging all your luggage, oh…and the plane might be delayed…

5. No use dreaming of a white Christmas…

Australian Christmas is all about the beach and the barbie, so you better stop dreaming of snow! 

If the blazing heat is turning you into a miser, you could always just throw sea foam over your head and pretend…it’s pretty much the same thing…

6. If you don’t like Vegemite…you better learn to love it! Eating Vegemite is pretty much the law down under…

Suck it up, you’re one of them now!

7. You might as well throw away those hair straightners. Not even an industrial iron could straighten those kinks in this weather!

It really is true, but you can totally work that flustered look…

8. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you pick up that Aussie twang…

Don’t worry- just own it.

9. You might as well live in the shower because that heat isn’t ever going to go away…

Too hot? Take a shower. But you know you’ll need another in less than 5 minutes!

10. No matter how much you shake out your laundry, that darn sand ain’t ever coming out of your underwear!

…Need I say any more?