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There are many reasons why St. John’s College is highly respected among American colleges and universities. And why it continues to be one of the most popular liberal arts institutions in the nation. Its unique program seeks to make the learning process thought-provoking and engaging, encapsulating students with works of some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers from Homer and Plato to Woolf.

Diverse Liberal Arts Curriculum

Its liberal arts program boasts a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary curriculum that’s focused on the most important books and ideas of Western civilization. The academic institution prides itself on not using textbooks, instead conducting classes seminar-style, with tutors facilitating discussions. Despite being a liberal arts course, the college provides a varied breadth of disciplines, including philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, economics, political theory, theology, biology, physics, music, chemistry, and languages, offering a truly comprehensive liberal arts education.

What sets St. John’s College apart from others is its unique concept of faculty, where members are known as ‘tutors’ instead of ‘professors’ to signify that their chief role is to guide and nurture students throughout their studies in St. John’s. Tutors are responsible for shaping discussion by asking questions, supplying examples, and encouraging students to explore the implications of their own statements. The number of students in a class is also kept to a maximum of 20 or less to ensure that every student has the chance to listen to others, ask questions and voice their opinions.

Stunning Campus Settings

The reputable school has two magnificent campus, situated in Annapolis, Maryland and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Students can enroll at either campus and transfer to the other and spend a year there. Both locations share the same academic courses, while offering plenty of opportunities and unique experiences. There are plenty of activities for Annapolis students to participate in from Film Society and Political Forum to joining Gadfly, and even the student newspaper. Meanwhile students at the Santa Fe campus can indulge in outdoor activities, like a bike-ride from downtown Santa Fe to hiking and rock climbing in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

If life at St. John’s College sounds just right for you, consider the fact that St. John’s College is committed to helping their students with a financial aid program that rewards academic merit and recognizes financial need, and it’s more or less ideal. Each applicant is given individual attention to ensure they are offered the best possible package.

Experienced Admissions Committee

Interested in applying or finding out more about this outstanding college? The St. John’s application process is a little different from others, with an experienced Admissions Committee who consider traditional factors like your academic record, letters of recommendation, and test scores (optional for most students), but also looking into your essay-writing style before deciding your admission. Fill out our form for more information!

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