The Complete University Guide

When students are scouring for that university or course that gets the unanimous vote of acclaim, the Complete University Guide assures them that it’s both a trustworthy and independent source and as such, has no hidden motive in how it reflects upon universities. Its comprehensive league table details UK universities with their present rank, previous annual rank, entry standards, student satisfaction, research assessment, graduate prospects, and an overall score with a further focus on good honours, graduate prospects upon leaving school and completion.

Users can click on any university of their choice to unearth more details about it including the university history, location and transport links, entry criteria, course flexibility, teaching and research standards, academic strengths, student facilities, disability services, information about the students’ union, sports, recent and potential new builds, the availability of part time work and notable alumni as well as clickable contact links for further information. In this way the Complete University Guide goes much further than other ranking resources.  There is such a comprehensive magnitude of information available that students can explore further to gain a real feel for their potential future student experience.

The ideally placed resource for a truly detailed guide regarding university life, users can browse who topped the tables from 2008 to 2015, as well as subject league tables concerning which university produces the best results per field. For those who know what they wish to study, such knowledge can be a potent weapon to effortlessly locate the ideal institution for your subject of interest, whether it be the arts or the sciences.

Not only that, students can scout the top ten per region, per subject, if individuals have an idea of the location they would like to study. Another possible search option is top universities by mission group, or even which university is the most environmentally conscious yielding green results. Having been working to compile and publish university league tables for many years, the complete guide is useful for students, parents and teachers when it comes to selecting the ideal university. The precise methodology has been argued to be the most independent and robust presently in use making it a powerfully effective method for those sourcing the best higher education for their needs.

The site sources raw data from the public domain with a focus on entry standards, student-staff ratios, the spending dedicated to staff and services, prospects for graduates, overseas student enrolments and how many students complete their course. Research is compiled from a wealth of sources including the Higher Education Funding Councils for Scotland and Wales, UCAS and the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

Once annually, an advisory board meet with a select group of university representatives to discuss current methodology and how they can work to improve it. As such, the results garnered are hugely accurate and sourced in the best possible way.

The Complete University Guide only focuses on UK higher education providers, but it is a fantastic resource for advice and preparation for anyone planning to study in the UK.