Shanghai Rankings 2014

China has seen lightning fast development in recent decades and Shanghai has become a hub of domestic and international activity. As students, teachers and parents turn to ranking systems to accurately assess whether a university is ideal for their specifications, Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities releases a highly acclaimed list that covers all bases and enables students to make the right choice.

The ranking system is conducted by highly qualified researchers operating out of the Center for World-Class Universities (CWCU) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The centre has honed in on what makes a world-class university since 2003 and has published the very first Chinese-language book of its kind titled ‘World Class Universities.’ As well as their Chinese publication, the company launched their very first European book entitled ‘World-class Universities with European Centre for Higher Education of UNESCO.” The prestigious publications provide priceless, vital resources for those looking to effectively locate the most beneficial establishment for their higher education.

In fact, the Acadmeic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) have taken a lot of initiative in their time, also conducting the first international conference on world-class universities back in 2005. They have gone on to arrange prestigious conferences every second year, attracting a thriving base of participants from countries all over the world for a truly international experience. The institute also holds a promising future, aiming to create databases for major research universities across the word providing acclaimed, authentic literature on an assortment of world-class institutions, as well as consultation services for those looking to improve their university facilities. With the feelers set in motion to continue building a successful future built on a stellar reputation, the site remains a firmly rooted success story.

The institution hones in on over 500 top world universities including those in China, Japan, Spain, USA, UK and Australia and rigorously lists them in an easy to access table. The table highlights the institution, its global ranking, its national ranking, total score and score on alumni. The ranking institution considers all universities that have alumni comprised of Nobel Laureates, Fields Medallists, highly acclaimed researchers or any published papers. Also considered are universities that have exhibited an array of significant papers indexed by Science Citation Index-Expanded or Social Science Citation Index. Focusing on an initial 1200 universities, the best 500 are presented for prospective students, with Harvard presently ranking the highest.

The ARWU ranking report is available in a plethora of languages rendering it a widely read and highly accredited accumulation of schools accessible to a wide ranging international audience.

Nello Angerilli, Associate Vice President International for the University of Waterloo in Canada said in Forbes, “ARWU uses very few measures but those that they use, reflect elements of academic quality, including how many of an institution’s alumni have won a Nobel prize and how many faculty have won Nobel prizes as a result of the work done while at the university. They also measure the importance of research outputs by examining where and how often faculty publish in certain key indicator journals.  This highly quantitative methodology produces a ranked list that represents some very impressive educational and research outcomes, but from a narrow perspective.”