Maclean's 2014 Rankings

Every single year, Canadian students, teachers, parents and scholars wait with anticipation to get their hands on Maclean's University Rankings to see who has out-ranked who. The comprehensive, highly regarded annual guide encapsulates all of the essential information they require to get their critical thinking caps on and make an informed choice. After all, as fees for education keep on rising, students really need to ensure that their institution meets their requirements.

The release of the Maclean's University Guide 2015 helps those looking to study in the New Year have a thorough read through before making a commitment. Focusing on matters relevant to students, their ‘student first’ approach prioritises intriguing areas of interest including the education of professors, diminutive class sizes and the necessary grades required to enter the university. The guide also fleshes out the university experience in a colourful, interactive way, revealing inspirational student stories, assistance with commuting, the latest news and controversies surrounding universities and co-curricular records. Helping to bring the university experience to life as well as soundly rank universities accordingly, the accessible resource is available for all; hitting news stands at an affordable price, but also available online for subscribers.

The utterly engaging resource makes learning about universities enjoyable as well as essential. Maclean's ranks 49 universities per year, focusing on three particular categories and evaluating key areas including: accounting for the differences between institutions, the kind of research funding each institution receives and the scale of graduate and professional programmes available. The three categories are undergraduate, comprehensive and medical doctorate universities. All universities placed in one of the three categories is then subject to further analysis, with 6 broad areas of analysis employed and a further 13 performance measures.

Up to date findings are based on newly released public data with a focus on students and classes, the calibre of the faculty, resources, student support, library and the overall reputation of the institute, which has received both criticism and praise. As Maclean's emphasises, the reputation of a university is something that builds slowly over time and therefore takes a while to consolidate appropriately.

The forward thinking ranking system focuses on what students look for when it comes to universities in terms of studying as well as the opportunities afforded to them upon completion of the course; giving students an encompassing 360˚ impression of the life they may lead at university. Based in Toronto, the rankings are always published in March of each year, just in time to coincide with the time when students search for prospective universities. It ranks prestigious, widely acclaimed Canadian universities to help those looking to study in Canada make a viable choice with a real focus on the entire undergraduate experience.

In 2006, Maclean's also released a separate publication entitled the University Student Issue, compiled of surveys conducted with recent graduates to rate the entirety of their experience, further designed to give students a well rounded picture of what their university life might be like.