Feb 20th, 2015
Five months after fraternities operating at Wesleyan University in Connecticut were ordered to accept women as both residents and members, one group has announced its plans to sue...Keep reading
Feb 19th, 2015
A Saudi cleric has found internet fame - and ridicule- after he was filmed explaining to students that the Earth remains stationary while it is orbited by the Sun. Sheikh Bandar...Keep reading
Feb 18th, 2015
The sky’s the limit- quite literally- for tomorrow’s ground-breaking graduates, as a large number of students appear in the latest Mars One shortlist, which details the 100...Keep reading
Feb 17th, 2015
The heated debate over wearing veils at public universities in France has been rekindled following a series of recent incidents which have taken place across the country. The...Keep reading
Feb 16th, 2015
Thousands of women took to the streets of Turkey yesterday to protest against the violent murder of a female student who reportedly resisted a bus driver’s attempt to rape her...Keep reading