Feb 27th, 2015
A new study that analyzed the financial effect of nearly two decades of foreign students in Denmark found that higher-level students contributed a net total of 165.5 Danish krone...Keep reading
Feb 26th, 2015
A new investigation has unconvered some of the secret tactics of fraudulent online degree programs, which portray themselves as accredited universities in order to trick students...Keep reading
Students working on diplomas online
Almost everyone would agree that learning English is hard. It’s a tricky language full of pitfalls for the non-native speaker. Spelling, grammar, and pronunciation often make no...Keep reading
Americans often call the United States an "exceptional" nation - in other words, America is one of a kind. This is a sentiment that's reflected in its university system, which is...Keep reading
Almost 17 million people are lucky enough to call the Netherlands home, and being commonly known as one of the most welcoming nations in the world, it would make sense for you to...Keep reading